Parcels to visit:

FiveAble® can be found in the Voxels (formerly known as CryptoVoxels) metaverse. Click on the images below to be taken to various FiveAble® properties. Feel free to walk/fly around and explore. Videos on walls can be played by clicking on them. NFTs on display in my galleries can be clicked to access the OpenSea marketplace where it is possible to make offers for purchase.

Select image to navigate to teleport to a location inside the Voxels metaverse.

Vox models:

Vox models are 3D objects made out of voxels. A single voxel is a 3D cube. A voxel is a lot like a color pixel in a 2D image but in 3D. A vox model is a group of voxels inside a defined 3D space. In the Voxels metaverse there are two basic types of models based on dimensions that can be used in-world. Regular Vox models are 32x32x32 voxels, or smaller, in size. MegaVox models are 126x126x126 voxels, or smaller, in size. MegaVox models are typically used when a high level of detail is needed. There is a limit of 5 MegaVox models per Voxels parcel due to the added computational complexity.

Many regular models created are of everyday items like furniture, cereal boxes, bicycles, skateboards, trash cans, mailboxes, etc. Vox models are can also be used to create structural items like walkways, stairs, hand rails, signage, or scaled to make entire buildings. These items can be placed in-world through the build interface and scaled to size.

If you are interested in building your own vox models to use in the Voxels metaverse you will need a compatible 3D vox modeling tool like MagicaVoxel. Once models are created they can be placed on parcels and used in a variety of ways to add details to the build.

Vox models can also be used to create wearables which can be worn in world by an avatar.


Default Avatar
Default Avatar
Avatar with Wearables
Avatar with Wearables

A Voxels Wearable is a special class of vox model that can be worn in-world like clothing for an avatar. Currently, an avatar in Voxels can wear up to 12 wearables at a time. Individual wearables can be attached to specific body parts. For example, shoes can be attached to the feet and a hat can be attached to the head.

Wearables are minted as NFTs and must be 32x32x32 voxels, or smaller, in size.

Vox models as NFTs:

Vox models can be tokenized, aka minted, as NFTs. Once minted they will show up on the Voxels Market Place. Minted NFTs can be bought, sold and transferred on other market places like OpenSea.

One advantage of owning a parcel in Voxels is that owners are allowed to create collections for minting.  This provides a way for creators to monetize the models they create. It also provides a way to make models rare and collectible. You can choose to mint 1 of an item, AKA a 1:1 (one of one), or over 1000 of an item. The number minted determines how scarce the item will be.

Voxels Collectibles are minted on either the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains. Polygon is by far the most popular chain to use. This is because fees for creation and transfer tend to be much lower on Polygon. Once minted on Polygon the cost to transfer items is just a few pennies which makes it feasible to give away the items and create a sharing community.

Collections can contain both wearable and non-wearabe items.

Minted NFTs can be used for Token Gating.

Token Gating:

Token Gating is a method of controlling access to parcels. Think of it like having a ticket to a concert. If you have a ticket you can get in, otherwise you are stuck outside.  The way it works in Voxels is a parcel owner defines a specific NFT that must be in a user’s wallet to gain access.

The images below show a token gated parcel as seen with and without the needed NFT. Users without the necessary NFT will see the purple fog around the parcel and will be locked out. The fog is user definable, purple is default, and might look different for other token gated parcels.

Users must be logged into Voxels. Anonymous users will always be denied access to a token gated parcel. Once logged in, Voxels will check the user’s wallet and grant access if the correct token (NFT) is found.

Almost any NFT can be used for Token Gating including wearables. Wearables do not have to be worn to have acces. They only need to be in the wallet the user logged in with.

Vox model creation:

There are many apps available to create 3D vox models, but not all are free or good. Fortunately, an excellent free option is available that runs on MacOS or Windows. The software is called MagicaVoxel by Ephtracy and is used heavily by many builders in the Voxels metaverse. 

Click the image or button below to go to the official MagicaVoxel website:

MagicaVoxel with 5 Chair Model Loaded

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