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The Man Who Sold The World

“TMWSTW is an Earthlike MMORPG Metaverse of 10K NFT Plots of Land on Ethereum blockchain and ingame economy on Ethereum Classic blockchain.” ~KingOfTheWorld

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Track the progress of The Man Who Sold The World adoption through the number of wallet addresses holding resource tokens.

Currently, there are 4 claimable resource tokens:

$BOB is used for building structures inside the TMWSTW metaverse.

$SLAG is used for crafting vehicles at a Light Vehicle Replicator, LVR, facility.

$GREASE is a raw resource that can be refined in-world into various fuels needed for vehicles.

$INK is a paint resource needed to create in-world graffiti.

Click token names above to check current holders.

Last update: 2/18/2024

Chart of wallets holding TMWSTW resource tokens

Number of addresses holding resource tokens

This chart is interactive. Click on legend to turn tokens on/off. Use menu on right to change view.

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