Welcome to the FiveAble! I have used the name FiveAble online for years. It has a few meanings to me. Initially it was a hexadecimal code, 5A, I looked for when I was a mainframe programmer in the mid to late 1990s. Daily,I dealt with IBM’s Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) print stream data and 5A, or 01011010 in binary, were the first two hex characters of each line of valid AFP data. During debugging I knew if 5A was missing at the beginning of a line of AFP output then the data was corrupt. From there I started using FiveAble as an online name on IRC, Internet Relay Chat, and with a non-profit community WiFi project I helped run in Columbus Georgia called My identity as FiveAble has grown to include Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr as well as here on YouTube and Google+. Aside from the geeky reasons FiveAble has meaning to me, FiveAble stands out as an exclamation of success. When things work out and are worthy of a high-five they are FiveAble!

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